Monday, May 14, 2007

Found it!

Right. all those who read the mummy's blog would have known that I lost my password for this site. you would also know how I am totally unhappy with the new Google login thingy. Grrr! Let's not go there! BUT, more importantly, we're back in business! Yippee doo!

Bub's 2nd Birthday@Gymboree

I can't believe she's 2 now!!! Wait. Ok, when I hear what she has to say nowadays...yes, she's a big girl now. She's doing sentences now, more complex weaving of words and phrases. Fabulous ain't it?

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Hey Hey, it's Jo Jo's circus theme!

Busy popping bubbles

Ever tried taking a group photo with a bunch of kids? Nah, didn't think you dared!

Bub at the beach - March 2007

All ready with her bucket/watering fish?

Aunty Joyce's a genius with those plaits!

Testing waters...

...decided that she doesn't really like saltwater!

Bubster eyeing the sandcastle making kits at the stall

And my personal fav....

Bubster and dad walking off into the sunset.