Saturday, February 17, 2007

Two of a kind

So cute these two!

Making a blanket out of the mattress

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Godmother...

Da da da...dada da dadada dada daaaa
*Theme from The Godfather playing in the background*

The Bubster and her Godma

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gymboree Bub!

As you probably already guessed, we got suckered into a gym membership. Thank goodness its for the Bubster or else it'll just go to waste! (As if we'd ever do a California fitness thingy!)

Here's some pics of Bub's day out with Saffie...

A little rock n roll!

Now it's Che Che saffie's turn

Phew! This is hard work!

Doin' the Hula Hoop Dance!

Flat out!

Bub was so exhausted after her play session that she slept right through till evening!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


she couldn't reach the floor when we first got her this cow-bug riding thingy. Just look at her now.

Little Girl in the Window

I like how the Bubster manages to pull off so many expressions and different looks each time I snap her photos. Just take a look at this one...

Its so typical of her sunny wide almost cheeky. This is what I call the signature Bub smile. Its so infectious you find that you can't help grinning along with her!

Now look at this...

She now looks contemplative and a little puppy dog-ish I might add. Its one days like this that you just want to cuddle her tight in your arms and not let go, EVER!

She getting smarter by the day I tell you! We discovered over the weekend that she knows her alphabets and phonics. We usually do basic phonics using the alphabet flashcards. "A, says air-air apple" "B says ber-ber bear" Right now she can tell you 20 out of 26 of the letters. Impressed? We sure as hell are!

Today, she pointed to out house number and said "four". My house number's 45. I was bursting with excitement!

She's only 1 and the half years old! I think I was still struggling to walk at that age!

It's starting to get really interesting arround here!

Long Awaited updates!

Sorry for the looooooong wait. Here are the promised photos!

A little Elton Bub for you?

The Mummy likes this one. The Bubster & I in matching pink tops!

Cheek to Cheek with her favourite guy. Daddy spent way way too long in reservist!