Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bub's 1st Birthday Celebration in School

I know this is way way late, but what to do? the Mummy's schedule's extremely tight! This was the first time Bub had the chance to celebrate her birthday in school.

Bub with her birthday cake and Teacher Geetha in the background

The family shot...it was very hot! Just look at the Daddy.

That familiar smile

Aira was there too!

Doing the birthday walk. The teacher placed cards with the name of the months written on it around a candle. The candle represents the sun and Bub has to walk around the cards, starting from the month she was born in, May. I complete circle represented a year in her life and she has to circle the cards 4 times. This is done while daddy yalks about her milestones for each year. it was a simple and meaningful ceremony. we so glad to have been there to witness it.


Blogger Charity said...

Hey, share with us what were the milestones that daddy spoke about :)

7:18 am  
Blogger Joan said...

The part where Kait's teacher asks her to walk around 4 times was really meaningful. Sayang that Jelena is bron in Dec, no chance to celebrate in school. Boo-hoo!

2:52 pm  

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