Friday, January 19, 2007


Hello, yes, the Geralds are very aware that our updates have not been as regular as we would like it to be. Don't worry, its not that we have stopped taking photos of this amazing little bub, it just that work has been pretty busy for the both of us. So, we hope you understand and do keep checking in on us ya?

BTW, the bubster has gotten a little bossy wossy. It's not uncommon to hear her comanding Mama to 'sit down' with a firm pat pat on the sofa, or 'Daddy sing raining song!', then looks at Mummy and say 'Mummy sing!'. She will also tell you very seriously that she has 'poo poo' and that is immediately followed by a loud 'Tita!'- Yes, a command for poor aunty Joyce to halp clean her up.

And I was told that this was only the beginning...*HORROR!


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