Monday, May 15, 2006

Bub's PPP - The People & The Cake

Okay, before you shoot me, The original idea was for the cake to have a plain white background. Who would have guessed that the chef decided to make a little "executive decision". Oh well, at least its the original Strawberry Shortcake. None of that jeans wearing, strawhat one!

The KIDS - I posted all that was taken because with so many kids, you can't really get a "perfect" one! *LOL*


The 3 Bubs

Char & Saffie

Renn, Mummy & Baby Sis (in tums)

The Future Heartbreaker

Watch out Ladies!

*Missing Pic of Edna*
Sorry Mummy Su, I can't seem to find her pic. Must be in my home PC! Will update really soon!

The Bithday Sequence

Happy Birthday to Bub Bub!

Make a wish

At the Geralds' there is always time to Chill!


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